Apparatus Accessories & Components

April 13-15, 2021


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Apparatus Accessories & Components

April 13-15, 2021


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How are we building a 365-community to connect the fire industry?

FDIC International is a trusted voice in the industry, providing content and connections across face-to-face events, digital, print, and now virtual experiences. We deliver a qualified audience of high-ranking department officers, committee members, and chairs from fire departments around the world.



Database Reach

High ranking department officers, committee members and chairs from fire departments around the world. Titles include: Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Division Chief, Battalion Chief, Captains and Lieutenants.

1.6 million

Social Following

Expanded reach to cut through the clutter through boosted posts.

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6 million

Annual Website Users

Visitor audience used in retargeting

365 days

Community Platform

Your connections live on and grow
year-round. Sessions are available
on-demand following the live
stream, allowing users to engage
with the platform as a 365 resource
where you can generate leads


Weekly Product Newsletters

Taking our highly qualified audience of past event attendees, media subscribers, key accounts targets & more – we’ve launched a year-round campaign of emails, based on each week’s product theme, to drive awareness, interest & ultimately—new attendees.

Monthly Engagement Campaigns

Targeted Acquisition & Engagement

Segmented by level of activity driving both awareness of upcoming themes, reminders on how to use the platform & sponsor promotion.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Expanding reach through keyword, retargeting and email list digital advertising campaigns.


Key Accounts Outreach

From personal phone calls to combing through our audience to find the perfect fit—this is the Key Accounts singular focus—driving decision makers and top tier customers to your showroom and sessions.

Meet Our Community

Past MATCH! participants include officers from:
• Cape Coral Fire Dept.
• Montreal Fire Dept.
• Los Angeles City Fire Dept.
• Memphis Fire Dept.
• Leduc Fire Services
• Miami Dade Fire Rescue
• Akron Fire Dept.

MATCH! Concierge Services

While MATCH! Exhibitors perfect their product pitch, the MATCH! team is hyper-focused on connecting suppliers with attendees with open or upcoming projects—making this an efficient and valuable investment.

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Our Service & Support

We’re here to ensure your success.

Not only is the entire team focused on driving meaningful connections and delivering powerful content but we’ve invested in virtual event experts to build, support & continually improve your experience.

Personalized Recommendations

Attendees receive personalized suggestions of fellow member and company rep profiles to connect with. Recommendations are based on the product interests each attendee shares when they create their profile. Our platform tech continues to improve these suggestions based on each person’s activity in the profile— ultimately driving more qualified connections.

Delivering Immediate Return on Investment

Companies have on-demand access to ‘Inbound Leads’—the attendees who have engaged with your company profile, rep profiles, products or sessions. Boost your leads and visibility with video demos to drive attendees to connect with you directly from your showroom.

Insights & Information

Our digital platform unlocks data and insights that you typically would not experience at live events. Your ‘Inbound Leads’ guide you in actions and behaviors attendees have taken, providing you with background information before connecting or meeting—did they engage with a specific product, partner rep or session? You’ll now know!